Are used Zomeworks Utrf168 Trackers worth 2,000.00

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What is a used Zomeworks Utrf168 Universal Solar Tracker worth.:roll:
Are they a good quality tracker.


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    Re: Are used Zomeworks Utrf168 Trackers worth 2,000.00

    My suggestion would be to compare the output of cost of panels+fixed mounts vs the costs of panels+tracking mount (including any concrete work, check 1 axis and 2 axis tracking) and see which one does the best $$$/kWhr price. Folks have built their own using kits and old C-band satellite antenna.

    Generally, solar trackers can require a fair amount of maintenance between wear, water, and wind damage.

    Personally, I like the fixed mount as there are no moving parts.

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    Re: Are used Zomeworks Utrf168 Trackers worth 2,000.00

    I have a Zomeworks tracker that was made for 8 panels 1 ft by 4 ft (old Arco 35 watt panels), and I bought it used many years ago. It works, and probably should have the shock absorber replaced soon, but it is proabably 15 to 18 years old. When I added another 1.5 kw of PV to my system, I priced a lot of trackers and other mounting methods, and decided that it wasn't worth buying a new one, so I built an adjustable angle ground mount, since I have room for it. As suggested, do the calculations for estimated output both with a fixed mount and using the tracker you are considering, and see if the total cost of the tracker versus a fixed mount gives more power annually than spending those dollars on more PVs. I found that our Outback MX60 almost paid for itself, though, just because it allowed me to use smaller cable (higher voltage string of PVs) for the 250 feet from the combiner box to the controller.

    I think that the Zomeworks trackers are reliable, as they have no electronics. The installers that I know that install dual axis trackers figure that motors and electronics are standard maintenance items over the life of the system. Disadvantage of Zomeworks is slow response in early morning, and it is only single axis tracking, so it needs to be adjusted seasonally for tilt.
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