Insulating paint?

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I'm wondering if anyone has experience with heat reflective paints or additives for paint to do that.

I'm considering painting the roof and wonder if these additives are hype or actually work.

Here's a few examples of what I've been reading about.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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    Re: Insulating paint?

    There was a short discussion here a while ago--I don't think anyone here has tried it...

    Here is another Nasa link to an insulating paint product (from 2007).

    I guess--if it is cheap, why not try some. If it is expensive--I probably would try making two large boxes out of plywood or sheet rock, one with paint, one without and do my own testing (heat of sun, cool of night) and see if you can see a difference in your area...

    I don't think it is a scam--but if it is expensive and you have to reapply every 8-12 years--it may be worth adding traditional insulation to your walls and ceilings (if practical).

    -Bill :confused:
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    Re: Insulating paint?

    I was also looking into that, I'm using some oil-based paint and can't find anything that says that you can mix it with oil-based paint. Does anyone know? I'm surprised how reasonably priced it is btw... $12 for a gallon of mix-in. Not bad.
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    Re: Insulating paint?

    I would think aluminum based radiant paint is more effective for under roof decking (block radiant heat). I've used both radiant barrier foil and radiant barrier roof decking. Quite effective, the attic is about 5 to 10 degrees above ambient with close to 100F outside. From my readings, ceramic based paint is more effective on direct sun hit like sidings (dissipate surface heat with surface air flow). See this discussion. Since the powder is small beads of ceramic, filled with inert gas (? depending on brand, I guess), I would think it should work with oil based paints, anything that allows it to stick and spread on the surface.
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    Re: Insulating paint?

    I tried to get info on this product:

    when I was looking into building, but the company never got back to me via the contact list at the bottom of the page.

    They are saying R30 or R60 wall panels from a 6" wall thickness. Hey, if anyone has used it and it delivers, that's awesome. But getting R19 by using reflective paint, it only feels natural to be skeptical.
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    Re: Insulating paint?

    i have used it, it was some product called insu add (dont remember the name for sure) but it works by reflecting heat and reducing the amount of heat capable of passing into your home through walls, ceilings, and attics .During the cold winter months it reflects heat back into the living areas of your home instead of allowing the heat to be absorbed by your ceilings and walls where it will be lost out to the cold outside air.

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