Recommeded RE forum for New England?

I have yet to find a good RE (renewable energy) forum for the New England bio-region (specifically central NH).

A quick google scan didn't turn up what I was looking for so I thought I'd try the lazy way and ask y'all. Any ideas?

Maybe I'll just have to cough up the dough, get a web host, and start one.


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    Re: Recommeded RE forum for New England?

    that depends on what you term to be a good forum and what it is you're looking for from it. and why would there be one just for your area? is not re something that somebody farther north, east, west or south would also have a great interest in? the only major differences would be the amount of solar insolation with its angle of incidence and the average wind speeds encountered and their direction.
    if you have a forum that's good, then let us know and maybe we'll post there too, but this forum is international although primarily for north america and that's only due to 1> the originating place of the forum and 2> the preponderance of where the majority of posters are from.
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    Re: Recommeded RE forum for New England?

    Look at this:

    He has both solar PV and hot water systems.
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    Re: Recommeded RE forum for New England?

    This link is info and not a recommendation or endorsement:

    Jim / crewzer
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    Re: Recommeded RE forum for New England?

    Thanks all.

    I'll check out the provided links. I guess location-specific forums will be more important when discussion building materials than RE systems for homes.