Automatic Generator Starting Configuration W 2 Xantrex SW Inverters

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Hello All,

I'm looking for a reality check on my understanding how to configure two Xantrex SW series 48 volt inverters in series stacked mode, with the gen control relay interfaced from one inverter (Gen. Control) to an RS12000 9 KW Onan Generator. The system has 32 Trojan L-16s.

This is my first time in setting up this configuration so I'm not at all familiar with this. Here is what I have. Only values that have been changed from the defaults are included. I bumped up the Low Battery Cutout and 15 minute start volts a little because 44 volts seemed really low to me.


Is there anything I'm overlooking or misconfiguring?


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    Re: Automatic Generator Starting Configuration W 2 Xantrex SW Inverters

    all I see that you may want to play with and has worked best for me is which inverter you are using to control the gen set. Your slave (#2) should be the one turning the gen on and off and you should split total charge amps between the two inverters equally. You may want to limit the time offset to 10 to 15 min. max also thhis will allow for gen cool down with out excessive fuel useage. Have fun
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    Re: Automatic Generator Starting Configuration W 2 Xantrex SW Inverters

    OK. Great advice on the battery charging. I totally missed that and it makes perfect sense. I'm also thinking I should reduce Load Start Amps to 15 for the same reason. 15 amps at 240 volts would be 3,600 watts. This customer has an electric dryer (I know, I know-I told them to git rid of it) and I don't want that load sitting unsupported on the Inverters for very long.

    I didn't know there is a master / slave relationship when using series /stacked configuration with the SW series and an SWI interconnect cable?

    In my settings chart, I designated one Inverter as #1 simply because it has the two control wires connected to start the generator. How do I program which inverter is the Master?
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