AGM Battery voltage level

I have a 24v battery bank (400ah) made of agm batteries ,what should the voltage read when fully charged? I am using a mx60 charge controller with a rts.


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    Re: AGM Battery voltage level


    According to East Penn (Deka and MK battery brands), a fully charged and rested (no charging or discharging for several hours) 12 V AGM battery should read 12.8 V or higher. For a 24 V system, that would be 25.6 V.


    I also have a 24 V x 400 Ah AGM battery bank (Deka). The batteries are three years old this month, and they're doing just fine. :cool: I use OutBack's FLEXmax 80 charge controller with the optional remote battery temp sensor (BTS), and I use the following charger settings:

    Absorb Voltage (ref 77 F): 28.7 V
    Absorb Time: 2-1/2 hours
    Float Voltage (ref 77 F): 26.7 V

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    Re: AGM Battery voltage level

    what jim has said would apply to lifeline or sunxtenders too as my voltages are similar.
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