Is the panel defective?

I have a Sanyo HIP200 it should give me 188 watt max. I been testing it for 3 weeks and my max reading was like 145 watt (2.8A @ 52v), I get very good sun here in Texas with no cloud and the panel facing south. I'm I doing something wrong or the panel is bad?

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    Re: Is the panel defective?

    Couple of quick thoughts. How hot is the panel? The warmer the panel the lower the output, stc is 77f if memory serves.

    Also, and perhaps more importantly, how are you testing your output? If you have a battery in the circuit, the output will depend to a great extent on the charge condition of the battery, the controller configuration etc. If you have a mppt controller, a low battery and a cool panel, your output should approach rated capacity.

    On the other hand, if your battery is quite well charged, your panel hot, and no mppt controller what you are getting (~80%) of rated is not too bad. Also consider the effects of haze, dust etc in the air, as well as humidity. I would not suspect that the panel is defective.

    I'm sure others will chime in as to how to test a panel accurately over all conditions.

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    Re: Is the panel defective?

    to rule out any load variations or controller influences you could try to see what the short circuit current looks like using a good dmm. be careful so as not to damage your meter by incorrect place settings or connections and the panel output could bite you a bit.
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    Re: Is the panel defective?

    52 volts seem high as a test voltage, the data sheet for 25C is 55V for the vmp ( voltage maximum power ), Typical panels drop good 2-3 volts for 12 volt panels so I would guess a vmp in typical conditions would be more around 45-47 volts

    This is why a single sanyo can't be used to charge a 48 Volt battery bank
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