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Is there a better forum to ask solar design/installation questions on? I asked a few questions but didn't get any response. I was wondering if I am in the right place or if you know of a better site for me to go to. Thanks


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    Re: Just Wondering...

    Mostly because the questions have been very generic... Best business model, any experience with Unirac for better service/pricing, and any better forum for asking questions...

    There have been many discussions here about solar business model (tough--most installs are during good weather, how do people eat during bad weather).

    For example, here is a search for this forum on Solar+Business+Model

    Also, this is a US wide (and really world wide to a degree) forum... If you at least asked about rack distributors and/or solar business environment in Massachusetts, or wherever you are located--at least people could possibly supply specific information.

    Lastly, this is a forum for an Arizona based solar company (Northern Arizona Wind & Sun). As such--the host asks us to keep links to direct competitors to a relatively low roar... Links to specific sites that may have great service/pricing for another parts of the country, even to NAWS' direct competitors and such have always been allowed (at least I have never seen a post/thread pulled for links to competitors of NAWS).

    If you have specific questions about Wind--there are other sites that specialize in home made and installed wind turbines such as OtherPower.com

    And, for a good window into solar/conservation/business information, take a look at Home Power Magazine... They usually have one or two free editions on-line, and some highlighted articles that focus on major home power issues (conservation, wind, sun, etc.).

    Business wise--the "typical" one seems to be an electrical, plumbing, contractor, or even at times, just a guy who installed his own system--learning along the way--and eventually making a small business out of it like Nigtomdaw (English Ex-Pat who, retired, moved to Spain and built his own off-grid system and now is helping other nearby).

    There is lots of information already posted on this forum and many people who already are deep into solar power--either as consumers and/or vendors/designers/engineers/etc... Sometimes it is just an issue of figuring out how to ask the right question or to ask the question in the right way.

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