Biggest reliable off grid turbine under 100 Ft.

We don't have the infrastructure for MW stuff but could deal with 10KW or so. Have avg. wind of 8 or 9 MPH but subject to 60 and even 70 mph gusts. Not sure they'll let us go above 100 Ft. Don't think our inverters will like it if we dump current into the AC side even if we match phase, though I wonder if it would work. So, I'm looking to charge a big 3750AH 48V batt paralleled with an other on a 14.8KW array. If anyone knows how to link them on the AC side so I could utilize a grid tie turbine on our own mini grid please let me know. Otherwise does anyone know of a turbine worth bragging about? Most everyone I talk to is less than pleased with theirs in our area, not to put them down but we get some pretty extreme winds around here. We get 12 - 20 mph enough to make wind viable and 30 mph pretty often. 3KW turbines would be fine too if anyone knows of one that's tough as a hobnailled boot. SinceI didn't exactly brag them up, I'll omit the brand of turbine we're currently using/waiting for parts on. Our P.V. sys. is controlled and inverted with Outback stuff.
We need more pow'r Cap'n, we're giv'ner all she's got!!!


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    Re: Biggest reliable off grid turbine under 100 Ft.

    ARE or Proven are the currently manufactured machines under 10kw that I would consider.
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