Emergency lighting refurb??

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I have a 6v wall mount dual lamp emergency light that was donated to me. Actually I have 2. Never been used and they have typical filament bulbs in them. The internal rechargeable battery is 6v. I am wanting to change the bulbs to a LED version to save run time.

Printing on the reflector says: Replace with same type SL#Z-4 3.6Watt 6voltlamp.

Anyone know if there is a LED version made adn who might carry it??


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    Re: Emergency lighting refurb??

    I don't recognize the bulb part number (not that I remember all the old bulbs)--but I would look for a place like NiteIze for low powered LED conversions (PR based bulbs) that work with 2-6 cell C/D battery lights (I got mine from Target a few years ago for my "MagLights"--last for 10's-100's of hours of useful--if not very bright, light.

    And if want the high powered stuff--there are places like this that have 1-3 watt LED conversions (and places that sell LED power pucks for specialized conversions).

    Not personally recommending either company--but if you are really into flashlights of any kind--head over to the Candle Power Forums for way too much information (Brock brought me over from there to here). Very family friendly place too (like here).

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    Re: Emergency lighting refurb??

    What Bill said, the other place I buy LED replacement lamps for odd things here at work is from


    They seem to make an LED for just about every standard lamp base.
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    Re: Emergency lighting refurb??

    I would look for an 12V version, that way you can wire it direct to your battery.

    Please post a pic of the base/bulb.
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    Re: Emergency lighting refurb??

    Battery voltage on the battery in the emergency lighting box (by Sure lite) is 6v.
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    Re: Emergency lighting refurb??

    My bad, I thought you where trying to tie this into your solar project/system.
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