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I'm going to buy my solar panel(s) today and I'm having a hard time choosing between the KC130 (J-box) and the new KD135 (MC connectos).
1) can I remove the MC connectors at the "junction" box and just wire directly (like in a J-Box)?
2) how do you wire the MC connectors into the CC (Prostar 30amp)?
3) Is the Prostar a good box? In reading their literature they talk about all the changes and just wondering if people have had problems with them and if I can expect to have problems as well?




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    Re: MC connectors CC

    i'm partial to the junction box myself because cutting the mc connectors voids the warranty. going with the 135 will force you to use the mc connections.
    if going with the 135 you must buy a wire of the appropriate length with mc connectors on both ends and cut the wire in half or in the case of a longer run of wire you'll need to splice more wire onto a shorter cut in half wire with mc connections on it. to my knowledge no controllers are made to force mc connections on people yet and most times the bare wires can be screwed or clamped into place in the controller. this is what should be in pvs as well imho.
    i'm not aware of any problems with that cc before or after so they may just be trying to improve upon their own product. it is a straight pwm cc (not mppt) just so you know and it can accomodate a bts which is always recommended. they call it a remote temperature probe just to clarify.
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    Re: MC connectors CC

    Tim I asked a Q about MC connectors. cant remember just when but not too long ago. search for it (MC) , your answer and a bit more info is there

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    Re: MC connectors CC

    I am not sure, but I ended up getting J boxes because the rest of my panels had J boxes. I was told the ones with MC connectors don't have J box, at least not one you can get in to and that you had to jump together what you wanted with the MC's and then buy one MC cable, cut it in half and wire that up to your run back to the CC.
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    Re: MC connectors CC

    Thanks all for the responses. You confirmed what I thought. I think I'll go with the KC130 and bet I'll be able to get a second down the road. I was talking to one of the retailers the other day and he said yes, they HAD planned to get rid of the 130's BUT he said now it appears they're back in production. So we'll see.

    Westbranch, I found your post and it was helpful. Thanks.

    Niel, what is BTS?

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    Re: MC connectors CC

    sorry. Battery Temperature Sensor