I Need help toget my head around This !

Im Uk based live in Spain, we have 230v 50 Hz Ac domestic. We then have 3 Phase 415v 50 Hz commercial,

What does the standard US home have ?

Why question......I fit LA302R Lightning arrestors and LA302DC arrestors.
The LA302DC is easy +ve -ve and ground

But why does the LA302R have 2 lives and a ground ?

Why two lives (hot)


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    Re: I Need help toget my head around This !


    The common U.S. domestic electric service is 120 / 240 VAC, 60 Hz. There are two 120 VAC hot legs that are 180 degrees out of phase. This configuration allows us to run large loads (i.e., central air conditioning, electric water heater, kitchen range, electric clothes dryer) on 240 VAC, while standard 120 VAC loads are connected to just one hot as well as to neutral.

    A single LA-20R can be connected to the two hot legs of our typical 120 / 240 VAC service.

    Jim / crewzer
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