Another Skystream problem

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I have a friend who's a RE dealer back east. He told me the latest bug with Skystream came with Southwest Windpower now advising the gennie owners of a potential safety issue with it. Now it seems Skystream can leak at the top cover and water can get inside enough to present a "safety issue" that Southwest doesn't specify. I'll leave it up to everyone to guess because your guess is as good as mine as to what the "safety issue" is. But all the electronics are inside the gennie, so I would gues water getting inside could present a number of different problems.

So here we go again. Cold weather problems and now wet weather problems. On top of other problems. Well, they already have the "wet weather fix". I'm sure you can guess what that is. Yes, bingo! They are telling the owners and dealers-installers to drill a hole in the bottom of the gennie to let any water that gets in out of the gennie! What the heck kind of fix is that? Drilling a hole doesn't solve the problem of moisture on circuit boards! All that does it lets out most of the water. Hell, does all the water go out of the tub after a bath and leave the tub bone dry? You'd think they'd be more interested in sealing it better. Or, here's a thought, maybe they should have put the electronics somewhere besdies inside the gennie.:blush:

My bud says they ain't saying how many of these gennies are effected by this. All these problems after they said they were developing this gennie for 5 years and its been on the market for around 2. My bud says if people open up their gennie and see water in there the factory says to return it. I wonder what some people who have already had their Skystream down for repair will think of this. :cry:


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    Re: Another Skystream problem

    i hardly think too many will go back until there is a problem with the output that is more unusual than the normal problems they encounter. i just don't see everybody pulling these things down to open them up to see if there is water in there and maybe swwp thinks by then the warranty will be over. the fix may be just to get them by until the warranty is over too.
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    Re: Another Skystream problem

    Sounds like a real cream puff of a wind turbine! Drilling a weep hole,...give me a break! I would think a better solution would to blast it with a shotgun. What the heck, it doesn't work anyway,so what damage could you do to it that Southwest hasn't already incorporated into it? :cry:
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