equalizing agm batteries

Is this religion or science??? I just received my morningstar mppt and they say to enable EQ for equalization every 28 days (for agm's). NAWS says two or three times a year.morningstar's setpoint for EQ is 14.5V. battery manufacture says charge between 14.4 and 14.6 so where's the EQ anyway? Im thinking disable the morningstar's EQ and same for the mx60 (which it defaults to). Isnt this equaization really about flooded batteries anyway???im lost. thanks mark


  • Solar Guppy
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    Re: equalizing agm batteries

    You will notice the EQ is only 0.2V above bulk, a VERY modest amount. MorningStar knows there stuff, I'd stick with the defaults they suggest
  • niel
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    Re: equalizing agm batteries

    do NOT eq your agms like a standard lead acid battery or go with recommendations from various sources. only follow the battery manufacturer's recommendations when it comes to eq'ing your agms. agms are very voltage sensitive. example-concorde pvx1040 charges max at 14.4v and that's where the eq voltage is as well for they allow the current to slowly minimize for a few hours rather than going to the next charge stage (absorb) when the 14.4v is reached. an eq .2v higher would be detrimental on that agm. again follow the battery manufacturer's recommendations.
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    Re: equalizing agm batteries

    Flooded batteries have to be equalized fairly often to make sure the liquid is well mixed in the cells.

    With AGM's you do not have that issue, so the only purpose of equalizing is to make sure that any minor differences in state of charge between cells are equalized. That takes much less current and a lower voltage.