morningstar or blue sky???

okay here we go. I have eight siemens 75 watt panels on two racks of four that are in series and then paraelled at the combiner to make a 48 volt array.I also have a 110 watt panel that with your recommendation will go to a seperate controller. now heres the deal, one of the 75 watt panels is bent and broken and needs to replaced (but not now).what im thinking is to ditch the broken panel, remove the seventh panel and parallel it with the 110 watt panel (going to the new controller) and run the now 6 panel 36 volt array to the mx60. yes/no???. you guys suggested the morningstar mppt but I notice the blue sky mppt is rated at 25 amps verses 15 amps for the morningstar and the blue sky unit has a digital display. the cost in your store is about the same. Is there a compatablity issue or is one better than the other???


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    Re: morningstar or blue sky???

    seems workable to me if i understand it all correctly.