Newbie questions (Solar water heat)

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For those who are using Solar Hot water.....

Is the morning shower still hot from yesterdays Solar heat?

When they say 80 gallon system is the storage tank 80G or is it the full system with collector?

I've seen 20 year life on PV...what is the typicaly life span of Solar water system.



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    Re: Newbie questions (Solar water heat)

    1) Depends if you have backup electric heat and/or water was used durring the night. Well insulated, you should have no problems using water heated the previous day for the current moring load

    2) The Tank only, but the collectors typically might add only 1 gallon

    3) Figure 6-10 years before repairs ... but it all basic stuff and not expensive to fix ( like the controller , valves , pump ect )
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