Has any one got one of these?

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Hi. was wondering if anyone has got this 12vdc wind turbine. I followed a link to some one that sells them on ebay and says they produce at 5- 15 mph wind. I have a 24 volt system and thought of adding wind also as I live a breezy area. Not high but breezy. How could I get the 12 volt to 24 volt to work with my system. It also has 3 phase ac. Could that be used to get back to 24vdc. Any guidance will be appreciated. WindBlue Power "Lite Breeze" Wind Generator Turbine Kit is its name.


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    Re: Has any one got one of these?

    Been there, done that with 12 volt turbines. Took it down. Compared to Solar, totally useless. The only time you should expect to get any usable power, is during the passing of tropical type storms, as they attempt to rip the thing apart. With small wind turbines, unless you live in a very high wind area, very few will be the days you will get ANY usable power at all, while with solar, extremely few will be the days when you don't get at least some usable power. These are another version of the modified 12 volt automotive alternator types. Like I said, been there, done that, wasted my money, took it down.
    "Produce at 5 to 15 MPH" - - may I ask, what can you do with .01 amps? You will need practically hurricane force winds to produce any usable power at all. DO NOT swallow the vastly inflated sales hype. Save your money.
    There is one positive aspect though - - I am one of those people who love to lay on the ground and watch "the wheels go round". They can be pretty up there as they turn in the breeze, even if they don't produce any usable power.
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    Re: Has any one got one of these?

    I think this is the product you are looking at?

    www.windbluepower.com (Lite Breeze low wind model)

    Assuming the numbers are close to correct... $500 wind turbine at 22 MPH wind speed will output 100 watts...

    $500 of solar panels would retail would buy a 100 watt (STC rated) panel... Assuming you are around Elkhart/South Bend IN, a fixed 100 watt solar array would output around 112 kWhrs per year (averages about 3 hours of sun per day)...

    So, if your average wind is ~22 mph for 3 hours per day--then a $500 wind turbine will equal the output of a $500 solar panel with 3 hours per day of sun...

    The turbine will last a few years--The solar panel will last 20+ years.

    There are still other items to purchase (charge controller, tower/rack, batteries, etc.)... But unless you life in a miserably windy location and/or lots of cloud cover--solar PV panels are almost always the way to go for your first dip in RE electricity...

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset