Conext SW 4024 issues

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Inverter goes into Bulk without grid going down. This happens intermittently, no rhyme or reason that I can identify. Unit has some age on it but has been dependable. The SCP shows no active or historical faults. Battery bank is 4 Lifeline AGM GPL-8DL, these also have some age on them. Just starting to test to see what is going on so if anyone has had similar issues I would appreciate any input. Thanks.


  • Dave Angelini
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    It is all about set-points. What do you have? ReCharge Volts default 25.0V  min/max 22.0V 27.0 
    Grid glitches can be an issue and can cause lasting damage.
    Batteries that are old and not working well can interact.
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  • stmar
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    So far it looks like the batteries are fine, disconnected the inverter so the only load on them is a 24 volt refrigerator and they are maintaining their charge at night. Grid glitch is probably not the culprit, my router is on the grid and if it goes down the router would reset and there was no interruption. I have not changed my set points since the original install 5+ years ago and have not had any issues until now, I did not go with the default but changed the set points for my application. I am thinking it is something with the inverter calling for a Bulk charge even though there is no reason for it. Looking at the readouts from the SCP does not show any anomalies up until it goes into Bulk. I'll keep testing and see if anything obvious pops up.