Q's about bi-facial panels

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I'm looking at four 195W bifacial 12V panels and I'm wondering if their specs rely on whatever adder the power generated from the rear is quoted in the specs? 

Their listing doesn't specify and I've found nothing online about the subject. 


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    You never know with many sellers how thy advertise their specs but most larger high voltage Bi-facial panels the the power gained from the backside of the panel is additional to the panels rating.

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    Well, I got the four Eco-Worthy 195 watt panels in @$109 each and today I tested them with the SRNE bluetooth software (which is Sooo much better than the Renogy companion SW) and with the panels lying flat not angled N/S or E/W I'm getting 146 watts from them in full high noon sunlight. 

    I'm very pleasantly surprised that at this price point they're delivering as much as they are. Now to get my pergola built so I can finish the system with the panels properly oriented to the sun. 

    PS, I'm getting about ~15 watts from the rear with the panel lying on the panel face. Not that it will do me any good on an open air pergola.