Large wire needed from panels to Suncentric pump?

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I plan two 550 watt panels in series to power a 24 volt solar direct Suncentric pump (model 7526) 90 feet away. The panels could put out 2x49.95 ( 99.9  open circuit volts ). The short circuit amps would remain 14.05 amps untill the controller. The max amp draw by the pump is 26.8 amps. To keep my wire size to #4 was going to put a victron controller ( 100 volt/ 30 amp with nominal 24 volt output at the pump to bring the voltage down and the amperage back up to give the pump what it needs. Would this work? 


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    This is the pump(?):

    Can you give links/more information on the solar panels used (550 Watts @ ?? Vmp and @ ?? Imp)? Need to know the working voltage(s).

    Where will the system be installed (looking for min/max temperatures--Vmp and Voc vary with temperature--Colder it gets, the higher the voltages from solar panels. Need to ensure that Voc-array does not exceed pump or controller ratings)?

    The pump manual highly recommends a tracking array--These centrifugal pumps lose flow rate quickly when operated at lower voltage/current conditions.

    What is the water level to the pump... Must be less than ~10 feet "lift" for proper pump operation.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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