Looking for advice: is this a fair price?

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Hello,  New to the forum and I'm looking advice for a new system. I'm considering going solar, and I got a quote for a 6kW DC solar system (with no battery backup) for $47k. That's before the tax credit and the goodies that they put on the paper to sweet the eye. I live in Kansas City, MO, and I know there are a lot of details to look for, but wonder if this is a high price or reasonable market price. Most I look around says it should be in the $16k range or $3-5 per watt, but this one falls in $7.96 per watt... and I still don't have the batteries which I would like include it... It seems is one of the best reviewed companies and seems is not one of the cheap ones, but Any opinions? Should I keep looking around?


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    Hi (Joel, I think),  welcome to the Fourm.

    IMO,  you should get several quotes on a system that meets your needs.

    I assume that you are an Amateur Radio person,  so,  even with modern Digital modes,  RFI from solar systems can limit your ability to copy weak signals.  And, solar power systems can create horrible RFI,  particularly in the HF frequency spectrum.

    Again, IMO, for Grid tied, PV arrays on the roof of residential structures (these are the most common designs) you should probably AVOID any solar system that uses Optimizers on the PV modules.  These are often used to comply with Rapid Shutdown,  to help protect Firefighters who may need to access rooftops, when fighting fires.  BUT,  these optimizers are DC to DC converters which usually have minimal RFI suppression for the HF frequency ranges (below 30 mHz) and usually create intolerable RFI throughout the HF spectrum.   AND,  since these optimizers are not connected to the AC Grid, their emissions, below 30 mHz are not required to be tested.

    So please get three-ish, or more qoutes on a system that will meet your needs,  speak with neighbors, and friends when considering which company you should approach to do the work,  and so on.

    Many Hammie friends have had very good results with PV systems that use Microinverters (usually one per PV module),  creating no measurable RFI (probably because these inverters connect to 240 VAC grid power, and can perform rapidshutdown without using optimizers).  Since microinverters DO connect to the Grid power they ARE tested for emission compliance for frequencies between approximatrely 150 kHz and 30 mHz.  Some Ham friends with systems using optimizers (or even with neighboring systems) have reported horrible RFI,  when the sun shines from systems using these "Optimizers".

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    YMMV,  IMO,  and so on 73, GL,  Vic

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