green tag ?

Can someone shed some light on the green tag thing for me. I will be coming on line next week with my new 5kw grid tied system. Is there a way to sell green tags for my system? Another way to help off set the cost of the system..


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    Re: green tag ?

    Last time I looked, the cost of joining and yearly fees to belong to a company that will pay for green tags exceeds the value that green tags generated by the PV system would provide.
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    Re: green tag ?

    good guess, but no..

    I'm paid some small amount (3 cents a kwh) or something small like that, quarterly. if your system is official and your electric utility knows you are a co-gen you should be able to sell them to any organization like the one i use:

    im surprised your solar installer didnt hook you up w/that? mine gave me a list of choices from a number of them.

    there is no fee, just sign a contract which basically says you cannot claim those green energy credits for yourself as someone else buys them for their own (for the length of contract). its not much $ but i do not turn any check away (ok, within my ethical sphere that is) - even tiny ones.

    cool thing about green tags is that you can sell everything you make, not just the surplus, yes thats right, even though you use the power you generate (or some of it) you can still sell energy credits for all that you create with the solar.
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    Re: green tag ?

    I believe the sell back plans for each state are different. I suspect Kalifornia will be addressing this in the next few years...
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    Re: green tag ?

    my green tag purchaser is not in any way affiliated with the state, it is a nonprofit organization who may choose to limit what states they buy the RECs from (just like you can buy from ones not near you, if its their particular policy). they may also has contract fees but they certainly all dont (in fact i never heard of that until now), never have I read anything that RECs were a state controlled in any way, we are not talking about net metering.
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