Least Expensive Schneider Closed Loop Battery

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Dave maybe??  :)

It’s time to upgrade my full Schneider Conext system to lithium. Want to go with a Schneider approved closed loop battery. I know there is the Discover AES, Fortress, Rolls, Kilovault maybe?

which of the approved batteries is the least expensive?

thank you!


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    Maybe not.  I know Bill would ask you how much energy do you need stored? Your answer is complex as these are all different size batteries and they can be scaled. Alot of other factors that one learns from experience. For Offgrid I tend to only use the best for my clients. Maybe someone else can help you!
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    I had your email address from 2018. I emailed you.

    The bigger questions I guess is that I can’t seem to get enough information to do my own research. I could start with a list of Schneider approved closed loop companies/batteries/systems but the ones I can find with google I know aren’t comprehensive.
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    Signature Solar now has a server rack battery that is integrated with the Schneider xw. Just passing on info, I have no relationship or experience with Signature Solar. 
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