150 Midnite Classic - Generator and Remote Monitoring

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I have an off grid cabin with solar/wind/battery system I installed.  Works great but am looking to upgrade with an auto start shut down generator and some remote monitoring with my Midnite 150 classic charge controller.   Looking for suggestions 

(1) looking for recommendations for an auto start stop generator set up with the midnite classic 150 charge controller.  It has to be propane although I could go dual fuel with one fuel being propane. It’s a small system (72v, 3 kWh/day, 2kW installed PV) but when I run the AC in the summer it draws down more than I can recharge in a day.  I plan to add more PV in the future but in the meantime a generator is a must.

(2) also looking to add remote monitoring.  I do not have internet service so I would need some package that has a cellular service plan.  Im not an IT person so simple is better even if it costs a little more.  Renogy offers a decent plug and play monitoring (DM-1) but doesn’t look compatible with the Midnite Classic 150.  Any suggestions?


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    correction - 48v battery bank
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    Hi Oakscreek, Welcome to the Forum.

    You may have already discovered, that MidNite Classics can report into a website, called MyMidnite II.

    If you have cell coverage, and can get onto the Internet via a cell data plan, then you could probably use MyMidnite (MM).

    Here is a Topic on MM, on the MidNite Forum:
    My MidNite online monitoring (midniteftp.com)

    More later, Vic
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