SE XW Pro: New system, Immediate DC Overvoltage- EDIT: Resolved, wiring issue not inverter settings

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Edit/Follow up: I have resolved the issue which was a miswire/install error and nothing to do with SE system settings. unit is online and operating as expected.

Hi everyone, happy New Year.

Problem overview: Just set up my system which is intended for grid tie with battery backup (we get frequent outages here).  I can start the system online fine with the critical load panel powered via wraparound bypass, however as soon as I open the wraparound bypass and close the inverter AC output breaker I get aggressive buzzing and spike an overvoltage (E49) and the inverter shutdowns.

XW Pro
MPPT 80 600
SE Rapid shutdown
12 x LG370 Neon 2 panels in 2 strings 
4 x Victron Supercycle 230 Ah (i know the bank is on the small side, but that doesn't seem to be the source of my more acute problem?) 

Details/Steps taken so far:  So far I have only done this in a very overcast day with very minimal solar production.  This also occurs with both invert charging enabled and disabled and support and sell enabled or disabled.  This suggests to me that it is not caused by the battery bank size?

Additionally, the system will charge the battery fine and operates as long as the output breaker is open.  The second the output breaker is closed it is not happy. 


Grid support and sell have bene tried "on" and "off"
Inverter charging has been tried in 2 stage and off
Grid support voltage has been tried in 65V as suggested by SE for enhanced grid support ( functionally what i want to do and at 52V

Screenshot of it operating with the AC output breaker "open" and everything seemingly happy

Cheers and any insight is appreciated.