Photovoltaics Analysis Platform OPVAP 3.0

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-Photovoltaics Analysis Platform (OPVAP) is a group of program calculates properties of both organic solar cells and inorganic solar cell
-Analyze experiment data, calculate optimal architecture based on input,
-Include some assistant tools in research such as PictureProcess, EQEdigger, IVeye, Simulator of Equivalent circuit and corresponding Advanced Analysis.

I. EQEdigger
> Calculate Jsc from EQE (IPCE)
> Calculate Max Jsc for your device with this polymer
> Predict the possible bandgap of LUMO-HOMO
> Predict the EQE with varying architecture
II. IVeye
> Obtain Jsc, Voc, FF, and Eff from I-V curve
> Estimate HOMO and LUMO level of donor.
> Calculate series resistance, shunt resistance, Ideal factor, and diode current density
? Predict overall evaluation of this device
III. Advanced Analysis
> This platform includes Basic Analysis and Advanced Analysis.
> Use Basic Analysis for either IV data or EQE data.
> By inputting your IV data, EQE data, and some parameters of your device, Advanced Analysis calculates LUMO and HOMO levels of acceptor, the max efficiency after optimization and some suggestions for further experiment.

IV. Simulator of Equivalent circuit
> Generate I-V data from the input of Rs, Rsh, J0, n0 and Jph
> Give the correspoding Voc, Jsc, FF, Eff from the IV data above
> Show the result as a figure

V. PictureProcess (OPEN SOURCE)
PictureProcess is open source program implemented with Matlab, which is used to process your experimental figure, such as further analyzing the AFM graph and the SEM graph, and retrieve data form figure.
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  • opticslyopticsly Registered Users Posts: 3
    Re: Photovoltaics Analysis Platform OPVAP 3.0

    Added a function of Illumination heterogeneity
  • opticslyopticsly Registered Users Posts: 3
    Re: Photovoltaics Analysis Platform OPVAP 3.0

    OPVAP update (not a Ad.)

    The "Gallery" section is available now (You can download graphs as your figure using in papers)
    see the following link

    WFU Nano-tech
  • KashiKashi Registered Users, Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 1
    Few days back OPVAP was able to calculate I-V parameters but now is this facility available in the website?
  • BB.BB. Super Moderators, Administrators Posts: 32,642 admin
    The original poster has not been back here for 10 years... You should probably try contacting them directly on their web/support site.

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