Inverter output fluctuate

I have an offgrid inverter connected to a array of 3000 watt, 48v battery.With  only solar input  connected,inverter work fine but when i switch on AC input to inverter, Ac output start fluctuate which i can see on light bulb,all the light bulbs start fluctuating.

I was thinking to make both neutrals (Ac in and Ac out) common.will that solve the problem?


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    I don't think it will help...

    You have to be careful connecting Neutral from AC input to AC output. Need to know the exact brand/model of AC inverter (link?) to review the manual and make sure that 1) the AC neutral is not already carried through by the inverter and 2) it is "safe" to do the bonding if needed.

    Sometimes poor electrical connections (bad wire nut, loose biding screw, water corrosion, etc.--Check both DC and AC wiring is good) in the wiring can make lights flicker on the AC output (typically when something else is turned on or off).

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