Help with Trace/Xantrex SW4024 display issue

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Hi all,

I have a pair of Trace SW4024 inverters that I bought in 1998 and are still meeting my needs except for the displays.

Both of the LCD displays are pretty much unreadable, at least at normal ambient temperatures. A couple of weeks ago I found that at extremely cold temperatures around 7 degrees F, they are readable, but that's not terribly helpful.

Fortunately I haven't had to change the settings or monitor the behavior of the inverters recently, but obviously this isn't a good situation because I don't know when I may have to adjust or monitor them.

The possibilities I'm aware of are:

1. Get an old SWRC and hook it up to whichever inverter I want to manage. I see one for sale in Ukraine at $489 + $45 shipping, but maybe someone has one a bit closer and cheaper.
2. Same for the SWCA, with a PC on the other end using software from Cost: Whatever the SWCA costs, plus $100 to for their software and $50 for the RS-232 adapter for the PC.
3. Get the SWCA - II, produced by, and use their software. Cost: about $250 for their hardware and the same $150 as above for their software and the RS-232 adapter. 
4. Get the LCD panels replaced. Cost: ?.
4a.There's a Xantrex/Trace service center about 100 miles from me. I'm going to call them tomorrow and see whether they could do this repair, and if so, whether they could do it as I wait. That's because without the inverters, I don't have electricity at my house.
4b. I have a friend who is very handy with electrical stuff and he could probably replace the LCD panels if they are stock items, but I'd have to wait until he gets back from Florida in a couple of months.

If it's reasonably affordable, my preference would be to get the LCD panels replaced. Then I have the original functionality rather than having to hook anything else up to the inverters whenever I want to control or monitor them.

I'd appreciate any suggestions about how to proceed.


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    I have a list of repair places for older inverters (may have bones and parts available too):

    This list was started in 2010--Things change and COVID is knocking out businesses too. If anyone has updates on the list, or has places to add, let me know here or via PM.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    One more question, if I may. Is the SWRC exactly the same as the built-in control center, because it looks exactly like it. Because if it is the same, it might be possible for me to remove the built-in control center from the inverter and take it to the repair person to have the LCD replaced. That would be a lot better than trying to dismount and move the inverter!
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    I have now been told that the SWRC is indeed exactly the same as the built-in control center. So I could in theory replace both of my bad control centers with new SWRCs, but I'm not planning to do that because it would cost about twice as much, and it makes more sense to keep the SWRC in the house rather than in the extreme conditions of my shed.
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