Sunny Island Commands to control Sunny Boy Inverter via RS-485 to switch into Off-Grid backup mode.

sunandsnowsunandsnow Registered Users Posts: 1
I am looking for the RS-485 commands (or speedwire) to switch the Sunny Boy Inverters to Off-Grid60Hz mode for backup operation.
The new Sunny Boy Storage (SBS) with Automatic Backup Unit (ABU) does not communicate with the older TL-US SB inverters even with the SWDM Webconnect Speedwire modules.  So far SMA does not seem to support these, not so old, inverters.

The SB TL-US inverters with RS-485 and Webbox support Off-Grid backup operation (OnAllPhs) and can be switched from UL1741 to Off-Grid60Hz with a command from the Sunny Island.  If anyone knows what these commands are, or can sniff them from their system, it would be very helpful.  With the commands it would simple to setup a home automation controller or similar to switch the Inverters to backup mode and back to grid-tie mode.  There should be speedwire commands that could be implemented as well.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I am also happy to answer questions about the SBS and ABU that anyone has.


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    Sunandsnow, Did you find out how to do this?  In a similar vein, I wonder if any of the sunny island parameter settings can be modified over the rs485.     Thanks!
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