Problems with Xantrex Remote Panel w/ Bluetooth

I recently purchased a Xantrex Freedom XC 2000 and bought the corresponding Xantrex Remote Panel with Bluetooth (808-0817-02) Despite all efforts the App that is to connect with the Bluetooth link will NEVER find the app. I've reached out to Xantrex for support but have not heard back. Have others had issues with this unit? I've followed the instructions to a T and can see the device show up briefly in my general Bluetooth settings but never in the app. It simply does not work. Am I missing something?


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    It seems to me it should show up as "paired" in bluetooth settings on your phone or whatever.  If it shows up only briefly, maybe a pairing tries but fails?  I don't know anything about the Xantrex bluetooth device.  Does it have a pairing mode / button?  AFAIK, both devices generally have to be put into a pairing or scanning mode to establish an initial connection.  Once done, they should remember, and the app should then be able to see the OS level connection.  
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