Combox -> Gateway: Data logging?


We currently have a Conext system with a combox doing custom data logging for tracking historical data.  I looked on the SE website for the new Conext Gateway product, and even in the manuals, I was unable to determine if there is the ability to continue logging the same data setpoints from the Combox?

Does anyone know how data logging actually works on the Gateway?  Hoping that they aren't making everything go "to the cloud" for storage.

Thanks for any input!


  • Dave AngeliniDave Angelini Solar Expert Posts: 5,984 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Version 1.10 of gateway is suppose to be out any day now. Not sure if I am suppose to disclose the new parts as the last I heard it was being discussed. There was some new logging in the last but as you said some of the combox logging was still not included. For sure the temp sensor issue is fixed on systems without a bat mon.

    Gateway or Insight local is not in the cloud and firmware is local to gateway. Gateway does not need the internet! 

    The best logging available for Schneider is in the configuration tool. The config tool has been here since inception of XW in 2005.It is awesome in what it can log every couple seconds. It is Excel based with a dongle that goes into xanbus. It can set AC voltage exactly so all 4 XW's can sell or operate as one giant inverter. Many other things can be done. Config tool is what engineering uses up in Burnaby. Not expensive and easy to take in the truck to a site that does not have a network.
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    Thanks @Dave Angelini , good to know.  It sounds like i should have invested in a config tool during initial commissioning and used the logging from that, but alas I chose to use the combox instead (seemed "good enough"), which unfortunately leaves me in this predicament.

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