Smart Power Sensor

Is this a necessary component for GT system? does it help in any way


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    From what a quick read showed---The device is just a 3 phase power/energy meter. It could be used by a utility to bill a company--Or it could be used for other functions, such as measuring/limiting energy feed back into the grid (via RS485 interface) or other specific functions (such as a large factory needing to monitor/control their process via AC mains monitoring).

    If you were in need of a 3 phase 2xx VAC 50/60 Hz energy monitor with RS485 communications interface)--It seems to be a normal AC power/energy meter (uses 3x current transformers, and 3x phase voltage measuring points--I think).

    If you have a GT grid tied inverter system that (because of utility requirements to modulate the AC power feed back into the grid because of network and billing management--Such as limiting energy being fed back into the grid because of an "excess" of solar/wind power facilities already in danger of overloading parts of the transmission infrastructure)--Then yes, it could be part of an overall installation/design needed for regulated compliance. However to perform that function, a GT Inverter would need to be programmed to use the meter digital interface, and need to receive data from the utilty on current power network conditions/rules/etc.).

    However, if you have a vanilla GT system design, the meter will not add anything to the functionality of the GT inverter. About the only use would be for utility billing (if required) or as an active monitor for energy usage/flow in the facility (connect a computer via RS485 digital interface) for somebody interested in logging the data.

    What do you see regarding the device?

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    What make of grid inverter and as Bill said depends on what you are trying to see/do
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