Can you overpanel a Blue Sky Controller?

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Hi, I found a cheap Make Sky Blue MPPT Controller online and want to meet the max power rating of 1440 Watts for my 24 Volt system on overcast days. I've got enough panels to harvest the maximum power on cloudy days but I'm worried because the specs of the controller on the seller's site says, "(The total power rated of PV can’t be over this watt that will break the controller.)" Yet, I've read on forums that charge controller's can tolerate exceed max pv input rating as long as the panels stay within the max pv input voltage. I also saw a youtube reviewer mention his Blue Sky controller may have some sort of current limiter in it. Has anyone using Blue sky MPPT controller tested its max power limits?


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    What is the warranty? The controller may absorb an overcurrent for a time or may just blow up. My old Trace C40 PWM controller is rated at 40 amps yet has survived short periods of up to 58 amps
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    1 year warranty
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    Just called Sean Buckner, the USA rep for Blue Sky. He says no, the controller can't handle above max pv input and I would have to wire controllers in parallel to achieve that.
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    You do have to be very clear on what "over paneling" means... Do they mean over voltage of over current on the input? 

    Over voltage on the input--Obviously not a a good idea.

    Over current (over rated Watts/Vmp-array) available on the input--There is what the controller electronics can handle vs what the wiring/connections are "Rated" for for safety (have seen 45 Amp rated output and 45 rated max input current--But Watts could be over rated.

    And to be honest, the answer you are going to get from the company is to follow the manual. You probably are not going to talk to the designer to get the details (such as you can over Watt the controller, but not over current the controller input).

    For longer life (electronics, and most anything), running at less that "Rated power" is going to keep the controller cooler and give you that longer life. (as always, have good air circulation and a cool environment... Don't install in a hot/sunny room, with little airflow).

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