series or parallel

Wold like to know have 2 group of 4 48v 500w panels.

Whar is best  installing parallel  all the way  or connecting  in the end connecting  the groups series or in series then in parralell  to get 96v.

Plse explain what is the best



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    What voltage battery bank (12/24/48)? What brand/model of solar charge controller? How far from the array to charge controller? Exactly what is Voc/Vmp/Imp of the panels?

    What are the "2 groups" of panels? Going to two separate charge controllers? Two different "planes" of panels (facing South East / South West, different tilt)?

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    Hi Bill

    NO only to one charge controller 48v peanels  vmp48.63 voc 58.95 imp 10.87  must hybrid  inverter   max pv array voltage  145 vdc max

    what is better connecting each array of 4 panels parallel and then on the end each array in series to get 96 volt

    Or  all 2 array in series on the connecting both parallel to form 96 volt?

    all facing south am in curacao 12,2 degree

    Awaiting your reply


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    Hi Bob,

    Oh yea--You are the guy living the tropical paradise!  B)

    Can you tell me exactly which Hybrid Converter you are using (model name and/or link)?


    Yours is the last column (48 VDC battery bank)

    For example:

    Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage145VDC
    PV Array MPPT Voltage30~130VDC64~130VDC
    Standby Power Consumption2W
    PV Input Power1440W/1920W2880W/3840W
    Maximum Solar Charge Current60/80A
    Maximum Efficiency98%
    Maximum AC Charge Current20/30A60A
    Maximum Charge Current80A120/140A

    From your original thread:

    You put two panels in series. And typically, with 3 or more parallel strings, you should have a series fuse per string (typically ~15 amps or possibly 20 amps for these panels--Check the label).

    You have 8 panels (?) and they will be 2x panels in series (2x Voc / Vmp), times 4 parallel strings (4x Isc / 4x Imp). Depending on what hardware you can get there, we typically use solar combiner boxes with have 4+ fuses or circuit breakers (one to each string--basically the "reverse" of a normal home circuit breaker--Multiple panel circuits in, one set of wires out to charger). The fuses/breakers are to prevent a single shorted panel (or wiring) from being feed current from the other (3) parallel strings:

    Or, you can probably build something from local components... Make sure the fuses/breakers are rated for >60 VDC and 15 or 20 amp fuse/breaker (again, see label on panel for proper series fuse rating).

    You can bring 4x groups of wire from the array to your home/battery shed and then wire in the combiner box with a short connection to the hybrid inverter/charger... Or you can put the combiner box at the array, and run just 2x heavier set of cables from the array to the shed/inverter... Make sure the wiring is UV (outdoor sun/weather) rated--Or that you have the cable in conduit to protect the wiring.

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