Solar LED string lights too dim. Can I add another solar panel?

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I bought two strings of solar LED christmas lights this year.   They don't get as bright as the plug-in LED lights I see around the neighborhood.  What I'm wondering is if it's possible to take some other cheap solar lighting fixture for the yard, and add the extra solar panels to my LED setup to give the batteries a better charge.

While I was rewiring stuff, I'd also probably want to make the lead cord to the solar panel a bit longer so I had more flexibility about where I put the panels for optimal sunlight exposure.  I'm totally new to wiring adventures, so I don't know what would be needed to make sure all of this would be weatherproof.

 I've searched here, and could not find an instructable on this topic.  Looking forward to seeing one added, or being directed to one if it already exists!


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    My guess is that your solar lights are (of necessity) lower wattage than those plugged into grid power. They run off a small lithium or NiMh battery. Adding a second panel will recharge them faster but not make them any brighter.
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