Pressure tank to CU 200 set up

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I have a SQFlex  pump and a CU200 controller to run off two solar panels (no batteries). Originally I was gong to set it up with a reservoir tank and float switch but it looks like I need to set up a pressure tank for irrigation. I read that I need a reverse square-D switch which I also just purchased. The problem is that I cannot find a set-up diagram for how to use a pressure tank with this type of switch with the CU 200 instead of the float switch.. Anyone have this?? Thanks for any help/ advise you have!


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    Around page 51 of this SQFLEX service manual has stuff on the CU-200 details...

    I guess I am not sure what the question is... Panels to panel input (if no batteries, no genset), and pressure switch to switch input?

    I admit, I really don't know much about water pumping.

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    Thank you Bill. I am familiar with the service manual. It does not cover the set up of the system I am describing. I need to see the wiring and set up diagram for using a reverse square D switch with  pressure tank instead of the float switch. 
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