Independence Day weekend

Marc Kurth
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We had a wonderful day celebrating the birth of our great nation because l believe in the vision of our Founding Fathers.
In the morning, we worked on our 500-yard target skills. (300 for my wife. She is stronger with her .357 than a rifle) The afternoon activity was swimming and tubing. Next was to run the boat 7 miles up-lake to watch the annual airshow. It was crowded with spectators in that bay, but worth it. I have always loved seeing the B-17, B-25, A-26, SB2, Beech 18, and the Migs along with the aerobatic exhibition and parachute teams. The P-51s and A-10s were always my favorites. This year they brought in an F-35a  Just WOW. Experiencing one of these screaming in low overhead then going vertical in afterburner is a thrill. After the airshow we came home to put some shrimp/Ribeyes/mushrooms/onions and fresh vegetable kabobs on the mesquite wood grill. Then it was time to enjoy some distilled adult beverages in our back yard while watching fireworks in every direction.
My wife grabbed a few cell phone shots.

Good kind of day for me and mine.

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  • Dave Angelini
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    Little bit of a tussle on the USS Truman recently, Looks like they have the right response. If you see one of these birds over your lake we are in big trouble ;)

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