wire type solarpanels to inverterp

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like to know the type of wire to connect between solar panels to inverter.

Do have 8pcs  500w each panels 12 pcs  250ah batteries and a 5.5kw rated hybrid  inverter.

The distance panel to inverter is about 135 feet using mc4 connects.

Awaiting your reply and thanks



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    What are you using for the connection from the solar array to the battery bank (MPPT charge controller or GT Inverter or what)?

    Basically, need to know the Vmp-array / Imp-array configuration (x series * y parallel connections). What is the Vmp/Imp of the panel?

    For example, a 150 Vpanel max input MPPT controller, you can run Vmp-array ~ 100 VDC max, possibly more? (are you in Curaçao, Caribbean Sea?).

    For a Vpanel input of 600 volts, a Vmp-array of 400 volts or so is possible... Higher the voltage, lower the current, smaller diameter wire you have to use...

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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