Array size for southern New Mexico

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I'm trying to do a conceptual plan for an array in southern New Mexico. The biggest unknown is that I need to run a small AC during the hottest part of the day.

So assuming I need to run a small window shaker (1000W) for, say, 6 hours a day during the hottest, sunniest part of the day, any ballpark on the array and battery size?


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    My rule of thumb is to have at least 2X the number of watts of panels, as is the load you are using.  So, for a 1000W load, I'd have 2000W of panels.  That's assuming you have adjustable mounts.  With fixed arrays, I'd recommend at least 3X.  You can look at one of my other posts on a hillbilly solar tracking array that I built.  Each array holds 1000W.  You'd need 2.

    In terms of the battery, I like to keep the battery drain at no more than 1/10 of the rated capacity.  Here's where you need to do a little math, because the capacity is dependent on both the amperage rating of the battery, and also the system voltage.  The math would be (load/system voltage X 10= battery capacity) 

    Let's say you have a 24V system.  1000W/24V=41.66A X 10 = 416.6AH of capacity.  A 400-420AH L-16 battery is the right size for this kind of draw.  You might get away with using components with somewhat lower values, but you'll need to monitor your inputs and outputs very closely.  I wouldn't be surprised that after you have it up and running, you'll decide you need 3 arrays.
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    Consider a mini split for the AC. They use inverter technology giving the split a soft start, meaning no big surge. The splits likely will use far fewer watts than a shaker unit. 
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    LG (and others?) have some Inverter-AC window units too.

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