PV connector question

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I bought (44) JA Solar 370w (1500v) panels. The connectors on the panels (JAM72S01-385/PR-Q (1500v) say QC4.  When reading the PDF it says it uses M4 compatible connectors on 1000v panels and QC4.10-35 connectors on the 1500v panels . I know that I am going to need some extra connectors for extending strings. I cannot find any information about other connectors being compatible. The only thing I find is it says not to mix brands of connectors. "Just because it fits does not make it right".  Max voltage on any of the strings is less than 600v.

I sent an email to a company that say they sell the QC4 connectors and hopefully I'll hear back sometime this week.  Not sure if they sell retail.  While waiting, does anyone have experience with the QC4 connectors.  Can I use MC4's to extend the existing PV wires meaning can I connect an MC4 connector to a QC4 and still be ok.


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    No takers on this huh?

    Ok, A company in Calif. has the QC4.10 connectors that are rated as 1500V.  All the research I did leaves me to believe that all connectors are not equal and as I quoted before "Just because it fits does not make it right".

    If anyone runs into the situation I had, please make sure you buy the correct PV connectors.