Ground mount, resonable time per panel

Hi, I have just been awarded a public bid for a 175 kW ground mounted installation. Starting to get cold feet as I am worried I was a bit to cheap.
we will install 520 1665mm*1002mm panels. With 2 verical rows dived into 8 around diffrent arrays. About half of the panels would be installed on a lawn and the rest on a slight slope. The costumer will do terrases acording to how I want it, and dig all ditchers for cabeling. So when we start we will have evean surfaces to work on. I was thinking to use this mounting system:
We have done 3 jobs with this before rangeing from 5-25 kW but never on evean land. I was hoping that a two man team could avrage 25 panels day including the mounting system and then leave a few days extra for the cableing. Does anyone have experise in  large groundmount systems? 


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    I tried to find structural specifications (wind, snow and both) and could not. It looks pretty light for what I would use but that is just a guess.
     I assume that you are in Italy?
    Most of this kind of work is done with heavy equipment pile drivers in north america.
    You could search the print archive in the link below. They often have costing data for really large projects.
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