2nd system - Wanting a clean install

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I am adding a 2nd system (6kw) to my existing 10kw.  The 2nd system needs to be run through a separate inverter, meter & breaker, because of separate incentive programs that each require their own metering.  The 2nd system will utilize a line side tap so I don't break the 120% rule in my main bus.

I am looking for suggestions on where to place the 2nd inverter disconnect and production meter.  My first thought was to place the new meter and disconnect directly below the existing ones, but the more I think about it...I am now leaning toward placing everything thing in a horizontal line with a wiring gutter below. 

The 10k SolarEdge inverter in the picture failed and has been replaced with a SolarEdge HD unit.  The new inverter will be a 5k SolarEdge HD unit.  The new disco and meter base will match what I have now.  

How/where would you guys mount the new equipment for the cleanest install?


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    It looks like you have electronic meters that transmit back to the mothership? So no monthly meter readers coming by?

    Keeping the electrical/electronics out of the rain is a big help. So is keeping them cool--And it looks like your equipment is mounted to a south facing wall with little shading.

    Other than ease of access when installing/servicing, just keeping things in "alignment" (follow a horizontal or vertical line with existing equipment), would tend to make the installation cleaner looking. Avoiding conduit with lots of bends and crossovers would also help with a clean look too.

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