Infini 5kW with wind turbine in GT system

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I have a Infini 5KW GT inverter tied to 11 x 340w solar panels and 8 off 200Ahr 12 Volt deep cycle gel batteries. The system is working well. I also have another older system (started small) with 1 off 340 watt solar panel and a 600 watt small wind turbine. This second system used to be grid tied before I installed the Infini inverter. At the moment have it connected to 2 off 12 volt batteries and an OG inverter and use it sometimes to run some of my woodworking machines.

What I would like to know is if I could connect the original GT inverter on the older system back into the system together with the Infini inverter on the load side of the infini inverter? As we not allowed to export power, what would happen in the event that the batteries is charged and the power supply from the second GT inverter is more that the load? 

Any input would be appreciated.


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    Without looking at your exact hardware (links to manuals?), it is hard to say.

    In general, the older method that you could connect a GT inverter to the output of another inverter, was that the "host inverter" would change the frequency of the AC output... More or less, would be 50 Hz (guessing South Africa) +/- 1 Hz or less. When the "host inverter" decides it no longer can support the power coming from the "slave" GT inverter, the host would shut down... And, of course, the AC output for the rest of your loads would be out of power too.

    Some of the newer "GT aware" inverters on their AC output would simply adjust the output frequency to be >50 Hz +/- 1 Hz (like 48/52 Hz). That would "turn off' the slave inverter but keep your loads running "normally" (obviously, if you have AC equipment that is frequency sensitive, that could be an issue too).

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