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48 volt system 2 string of crown cr235 wired in Series  (1.5 years old)
1) my sw 4048 factory setting For EQ is 63 volts. Crown spec 61.9. ( I’m going with  crown spec) 
2)) poor battery maintain/charging 
3) hydrometer reading from plastic meter now in “good range”. ( (2)new hydrometer on order .. glass one broke)
4). Expecting delivery of scheinder battery monitor 

Back ground
I have been having problems with my generator and/or and my Scheinder sw4048.  A problem with the generator and the inverter Decoupling after 15 min if the batters were below 47.5 volts..    resetting the AGS and just driving me nuts( and I’m sure some of the Scheiner Ts people).   This problem for now is fixed, redid all the electrical connection and limited AC 1 imput  to 27amp..

1) I have EQ my batteries as individual string. During the EQ the temp of batteries never went pass 17c ( verified by inverter and hand held thermometer)  my inverter is set on 60vt for Eq, Yet  the inverter meter says my batteries are at 61-61.9 during EQ.  
 Should I set the inverter to 61.9 and not be concerned when the meter on inverter says batteries at 63vt?
2) Honda 6500 gen 27.5 amp in 240 volt.  Why does the gen only go to 1,100 wats @and 10 maps during EQ?

fyi according to the plastic hydrometer

my batteries are all now reading in the good  1265-1275.  

thank you all for your help in the past I did have to fool the SW into EQ mode by setting the EQ into the absorption mode.  Bob
 SW Conext 4048
Combox & Conext battery monitor 
16- 235 6V batteries 
Honda 6500 gen


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    Last what should the resting voltage be
     SW Conext 4048
    Combox & Conext battery monitor 
    16- 235 6V batteries 
    Honda 6500 gen
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    EQ voltage recommendation would be for room temp.  At 27°C, the voltage is likely being adjusted up a bit to compensate for the cooler bank.  This is normal and generally desirable. I'd use the battery makers spec, and sst/let the charger adjust for temp.

    EQ should be done soon after absorb finishes, so batteries are already nearly full.  It doesn't take much current to hold EQ voltage as very little goes to charging, most goes to heating and gassing.

    Flooded L.A. batteries typically have a full resting voltage of ~12.7-12.8.
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