Sizing solar watts to battery bank



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    OldMan said:
    $2600.00 for a 200 amp hour battery.You got that right about bringing it inside.@Oldman does it pull power from the night air?
    Oh, PLEASE. People who BUY Battle-Borns, thinking they had to pay that price, are MORONS!!! It is SO not necessary. You can even get prismatic 12v 100AH batteries from China. Every lithium cell in the WORLD is made in china. I can get two 12V 200AH battery from this vendor for about the price of your one Battle-Born. You just have to quit watching Fox News and do some work researching the topic. If you just want batteries and don't care about getting your money's worth, lead-acid is for you.
    I’m not saying that Battle Borne is the answer to all lithium buyers but they are a US vendor and the do offer a warranty. (At a price)

    Your great lithium find that you provided a link for is an invisible company. If those batteries burn your house or RV to the ground you can send your complaint to China for what good that will do.

    regards Mike
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    @bigbillsd some time ago you asked about being able to charge from 75℅ to 100 in 4 hours. With a 416 ah12 volt Fla battery. With 780 watts . With full sun on my panels at 1030 by noon I'm at 14.8. by 230 2.5 hrs in absorb. the batteries are only accepting 1℅ 4 amps. So yes full charge from 75℅ in 4 hours. This is with no day time loads. Or clouds.

    Blue ridge mts. Renogy pwm 4 100 watt and 2 190 evergreen on Epever mppt 30. 4 Gc 208 ah @12 volts 300 watt psw inverter. 2 kw genny. Iota 45.
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