Axial Flux turbine up and running at 10,000'

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It has been a long journey but the wind adventure has begun. The turbine is up and running. Now to get the wind curve in the Classic straightened out and see what this thing can produce.


  • KejiKeji Registered Users Posts: 3
    hi Wbuffetjr1 
    had a look at you video, turbine is looking very good.
    i am building one myself, but need a little help with determining the power output, form what i read on your video description your turbine is rated at 4kw, can you please explain how you calculated this ?
    from my understanding:
     u mention you used 15 gauge wire, the maximum current a 15 gauge wire can carry is 4.7 amps meaning that the 5 coils in series per phase cannot exceed 4.7 amps , since the voltage is 48v per phase, the power output per phase will be 4.7 x 48 = 225 watts, multiply that by 3, equals to 765 watts, a long way from 4000 watts. can you please explain what im doing wrong and the the correct way to do the calculation. 
    thank you  
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