Wanted: Jacobs 32 volt windplant

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If you have an old 32 volt 1800 watt model 45 Jacobs wind generator in good shape, I'm here to buy. I'm also interested in a Jacobs "Airway", model 35. Must be willing to ship to 95004. I don't need a tower. Call Joe at 831-726-1139 or [email protected] 


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    I have a 32 v Jake w flyball type governor and stub tower.  just sold an Airway and Allied in rough condition.  Jake is nice
    but blades need refinishing.  Niki
  • doubledipsoondoubledipsoon Registered Users Posts: 7 ✭✭
    I believe my jake days are over, since I (re)discovered the AeroPower Starlite (1500 Series). I climbed up the tower today (9/4/2019), and was astonished to see a blade-actuated governor in great shape, very comparable to the iconic Jake's- and no rust. Even the 6' long blades were in relatively good shape, for being out in the sunny California weather for the past 40 years, and still showing off it's high quality sitka spruce appearance. Even the paint was on most of the blade area.  Anyway, it's restoration time, and if you have an operating manual, or know which model of Leese Neville 3 phase alternators they ran, I'm all ears! Joe PS Mario Agnello ran Aeropower all through the 80's, with Gary Ingram as a Santa Cruz distributor- where are they hiding? 
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    Congrats on your find.  I would think the alternator would need  some type of rotor residual magnetism to self excite otherwise the control panel would need to know when to energize the field.  D C generators have residual magnetism but alternators generally rely on a key switch to  energize the field. Gov is superior to Jake, be sure to replace the cog drive belt even if it looks good and all bearings with high grade Japanese or German,  IMO only of course.

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    The purchaser of your AeroPower sent me a pic of the cog belt- a "Gates- Powergrip HTD 880-8M-30". Definitely a nice low tech method of gearing up, and alot less of a hassle than the heavy gear-driven oil bathe type, like Sencenbaugh used on his wind machines......... I'll tell you how the takedown goes, scheduled for 9/15. Joe
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