Conext XW+ 6848 wiring Question.

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Hello, I Have My 6848 Hung with the Mini PDP.  I have the SIEMENS Generator Ready Load Center .
From Looking at the Manual AC1 GRID is Fed From the Main Part of the Grid Panel. While the AC2 is Fed From the Genertor.(Both Input Not Output) and the Load is Output to the bottom of the Loads Panel or bottom portion of the Siemens Panel. This has an Interlock so when the loads are powered you shut the bottom portion off from grid.. BUT You still have the Inverter Powered From the top of the panel GRID when in Grid support Mode. So you don't back feed the Grid from the load panel. So the question the Inverter is always Powered From the Grid while in grid support mode and the Inverter never allows the Generator and Grid to be powered at the same time internally. Now Wondering how the Inspector will look at this as the inverter is still powered from the grid even though the loads portion is isolated. I know that they are just inputs but just trying to fathom as i'm sure he hasn't seen one of these before. And where does the enable grid sell get the power back through the AC1 or through the Load output..Our Power Company is being Extremely UN supportive of Solar and going as far as trying to get a resolution as making people with solar paying a fee just to have it.. I know when any solar install is inspected they what the Grid Isolated completely with a interlock.. so I thought I would try to Clarify for myself what needs to happen..Thanks for the Input.. Shawn Michigan       


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    I'm no expert on the XW, and the PDF link made my phone Acrobat barf.  Anyway, FWIW I'm guessing the interlock is meant to bypass the inverter, allowing loads to be powered directly from grid in the event of an inverter problem.

    I think the inverter internal transfer switch should handle backfeeding (selling)?
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    Hey, Thanks a bunch for the Reply..I think I figured where I went wrong and why i was have a bit of trouble Grasping how and which breaker should be off on while running.. Not running.. The Panel I bought  Siemens G3042B1200GEN IMHO is more Made for a Stand alone Generator disconnect.. But Maybe Buying another Interlock and Putting it in the Main part will be what i need.. All the Drawings are utilizing a sub Panel (LOADS PANEL) and counting the PDP to do all the Switching..  So After staring at the drawing for some time I think I came with a solution buy another ECSBPK01 Interlock Frrd the AC1 with the top Interlock and The loads with the Bottom Interlock So neither can be on at the same time and When they both are Bypass the Inverter all together.. Use the PDP to bring AC and Solar Loads back into the bottom of the Loads Portion of the Panel.. Should be what is needed to comply..

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