Valence U27-12XP questions

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I have the chance to pick up a lightly used 

Valence U27-12XP. I currently have a conversion fan and need a battery to run a roof vent fan. Is this a good choice? Eventually I want to hook up 2 100w solar panels to recharge the battery, but for right now I was thinking of using a battery isolator. If I buy this Valence battery, do I need to do anything special to charge/use it? Is it dangerous to sleep next to? Thanks


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    Welcome to the forum PeteB,

    Can you tell us a bit more about your power needs?

    Is this camping, RV, home, cabin, or something else?

    Is this a roof fan, or are you looking at a fan to circulate air in the bedroom? (like a ceiling fan).

    In general, if you can design a system that does not need a battery bank (like an attic venting system for use during daylight)--That saves money.

    If you need night time/24 hour per day power, then picking appliances (aka fan) that uses as little energy as possible and still meet your needs, allows you to spend less money building and maintaining your system.

    Here is a discussion that may get you some basic information about the Valance battery system:

    Lithium Ion batteries can be a "nearly ideal" battery (very efficient, very low self discharge, few "bad habits" regarding charging/discharging/sitting unused for a period of time). However, if you do not treat them correctly (and a battery management system can add complications), they are expensive and easy to damage/ruin too.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Hi, it's a 1988 Dodge B250 Conversion van. I would be running the fan, maybe 4 led lights on the ceiling and charging phones.