Deep forest solar array, overcoming shade

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Hi all, I'm new here. I noticed many don't have as much time as I have had building my own off grid solar system using very inexpensive gear purchased off Ebay My system is small and extremely productive compared to most people I encounter. Unique is my method of overcoming long runs , line loss , and expensive "standardized" methods. This is my youtube tutorial page, click on "videos" to see more than a dozen short tutorials;

This is an example of an 800 watt array high up in the trees.

This is my output on a stormy early spring day mostly cloudy.

This is how cheap it actually is to get started producing about a 1000 watts if your willing to do the work yourself (1,500 bucks)

I'm in the process of doubling my pv and installing a second wind turbine. I also just installed 2 new "Make Sky Blue" mppt solar charge controllers and will be adding more videos as my system grows, so if your just learning about off grid solar, subscribing to my fledgling youtube page to ensure you see my creative solutions dealing with shade and maximizing input .


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    I have sent a PM to Dan regarding his links to EBay and Youtube. (NAWS founded and pays for this forum, and it is not a forum for free/paid by others advertising to EBay vendors). Links to other suppliers is fine--In answering questions asked.

    Also, slow down on the posts with Youtube links. One post/thread introducing yourself--And let others ask you about your experiences and suggestions in your own thread is a good start.

    -Bill "Moderator" B.

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