XW6048, SE MPPT 60-150, Victron BMV-600s, SE Battery Monitor, LiFePO4 bank--Will they play nice?

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A couple days ago, I upgraded my SE SCC to the latest Firmware V1.08.00 Build 0006 (June 2017) so that it will support Lithium batteries. 

Build 0004 (Apr 2017) added support for Li-Ion by implementing a "Heartbeat BMS" advanced feature under Custom battery settings. If this is enabled, the SCC will enter a fault mode if a BMS is not detected.

I'm still running an AGM bank, and when that's due to be replaced, I intend to go with LiFePO4 batteries. My battery location is in my attached garage, so they will never get below freezing.

I don't yet have the SE Battery Monitor, but I do have a 500A 50mv shunt installed in my Midnight Solar E-panel for my Victron BMV-600s that works extremely well.

Is it possible to attach the same shunt leads for the SE battery monitor to the shunt I already have installed, so that two separate units can get readings from the same shunt?  If not, where does the SE battery monitor shunt get installed?  I wouldn't mind having a battery monitor in two different locations, and I'd like the SE battery monitor so that it integrates with the combox.

XW6048, 3.4KW PV, Grid-Tied, always tweaking.


  • DustyDusty Solar Expert Posts: 271 ✭✭✭
    Wow, never mind.  The shunt in the SE battery monitor is a LOT more complicated of an install than the victron was.
    XW6048, 3.4KW PV, Grid-Tied, always tweaking.
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    You might look into one of the Deligreen LiFePO4 BMS/balancer systems, you can find them on Alibaba.

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